G2 Features

Gocycle G2 Features and Images

Performance Commuting™

On-demand power at the touch of a button. Micro-sized motor provides a fast, no-effort, no-emission commute.


Interchangeable, side-mounted front and rear wheels make fixing a flat tyre fast and easy.

Lithium EmpowerPack™

Lightweight, in-frame lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 40 miles.

Integrated Dash Display

Integrated dashboard display provides useful information such as speed, gear selection and battery state of charge.


Compactable design for convenient and space-efficient storage with optional fold leg.

Electronic Shifting

High-tech, programmable automatic electronic shifting at the touch of a button.


Patented Cleandrive is a three-speed, fully-enclosed, maintenance-free chain drive that keeps your clothes clean.

Pedal Torque Sensing (G2R model only)

Motor drive provides assistance according to amount of rider pedal input.

Seamless Design

Internal cable routing provides a maintenance-free, clean, and seamless design.

Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing

High-tech, durable and ultra-lightweight injection-moulded magnesium frame and wheels (Thixomolding® process produces zero ozone-depleting SF6 emissions).

Kickstand (Optional)

Optional robust kickstand for sturdy display and parking.